Myrmidon Prime (Svarog Sector #1) 1.0.0

This is my first map. Its 4vs4 and is for Dawn of War Soulstorm. Check out screenshot to see what it looks like. Information on install can...


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About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 18th June 2020 10:12pm

Release Notes:

This is my first map. Its 4vs4 and is for Dawn of War Soulstorm. Check out screenshot to see what it looks like. Information on install can be found in the read me file. Hope you will like it. Oh yeah, rate the map if you don't mind, would like to know what you think of it.

Myrmidon Prime is my first map. Its map for Dawn of War Soulstorm. During construction I have tested Space Marines, CSM and Tau Empire on it and all units of these races have no problem in traversing it. Baneblade can drive through it (not all of it though) so it should be ok for all others. Some paths are infantry only but you are able to access all bases with vehicles as well. Map is not symmetrical but resources are adequately spread. I would suggest 4vs4 for this map. Check out the screenshots to get some valuable info on the map itself, locations of heavy cover, passable terrain that migth not seem as such on the first glance. Take heed, this map is not mass-rush friendly. Control your individual units or you might get stuck in the narrower paths and suffer humiliating defeat, so stay calm and strategise. 

In this map, objects,decals or other elements from third parties were not used. All elements present were those from DOW Mission Editor.

SCAR file is pretty important as it controls the no build zones on the map, thus preventing AI from choking the pathways, that can be quite narrow, with wild building. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jaguar Lord who was responsible for creation of the scar mentioned above. This map wouldn't be the same without it.

Comments and questions leave either on my page on Mod DB or in the section you find the map on.

This map is made by fan and for fans of Warhammer40k universe and is to be under no circumstances used or shared for commercial gain. I would like to know what is happening to my creation so if you, by some chance, want to use this map, ask and give credit where credit is due. 


Myrmidon Prime (8)_icon - THQ/Dawn of War-Soulstorm/W40K/Data/Scenarios/MP

Myrmidon Prime (8).scar

Myrmidon Prime (8)_mm

Myrmidon Prime (8) (TGA) - THQ/Dawn of War-Soulstorm/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP

Myrmidon Prime (8) (SGB)

Myrmidon Prime Skybox (whm) - THQ/Dawn of War-Soulstorm/DXP2/Data/Art/Ebps/Enviroment/Skies

Myrmidon Prime (TGA)(Loading Screen) - THQ/Dawn of War-Soulstorm/W40K/Data/Scenarios/MP/Loading

Just copy designated files into correct folder structures and your set to go. If you dont have these folder structures already, you can make them manually. 

I hope you will like it.



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