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Overkill Islandfile:      OVERKILL_ISLAND.rfaSize:      6.58 MBCreated:   ‎03 ‎July ‎2004Overkill Isalnd...


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Overkill Island

file:      OVERKILL_ISLAND.rfa

Size:      6.58 MB

Created:   ‎03 ‎July ‎2004

I originally downloaded this  from Planet Battlefield and had no  input in it's development whatsoever.  The images included with the   .rfa file  were taken while I was playing single player and checking to see if the multiplayer  worked.   I used to get most of my  Battlefield Vietnam and other Battlefield games mods and maps from  either File Front and Planet Battlefield (originally run by Game Spy.   

The  overkill Island rfa file was missing from the Game Front servers;  possibly when  the change over from File Front to Game Front occurred as a lot of  files  disappeared including  several  of The Dark 888 and Hayabusa's maps that I'd Beta tested and   got permission from the two mappers to upload them (I beta tested most of Hayabusa's Battlefield 2 maps and all of the Dark888's,  including his best one;  that  incidentally was never released, after the Dark888 went off the grid over a decade ago.

Overkill Island was created by Adz and  includes Coop, SP and Conquest

The map isn't based on any  actual battle fought between the United States 1st Marines Division and the North Vietnamese Army (NVA); it's just a made up scenario, that lends itself to various tactics.  There are six spawn points; the  US  hold the two most Northern spawn points at the start of the battle, the NVA the two most southern  and also hold the high ground.  There are two neutral points in the middle, which are usually taken by the Marines at the start of the   mission.  Taking the NVA's South Western base, which overlooks   a wide valley and  is easily defended from attack  from the NVA's main base due to a generous supply of tanks. The NVA's main base includes two helicopter troop carriers and two Jets; but the Jets  seem to be rarely used.    All  spawn points can be taken quickly, so there is quite a lot of taking and retaking of the most central capture point,   which is located in the middle of a destroyed village on the top of a low hill.  No tanks spawn at this point; but several  spawn at most of the others.

When the map first starts,  it mistakenly quotes  a map by Fede  called Gloria.  It is a totally different map to Overkill Island apart from the two antagonists, which are the same i.e.  US 1st Marines Division and  the NVA; and vanilla games  version of Gloria only has a  conquest Multiplayer mode so you require more than one player to start the match.   

ADZ also released a single player map pack that contains Into the Lions Den, Sunset Beach, and Welcome to the Jungle.


My backed up copy only included  the .rfa file with no read me.   The one you'll find in the zip file  together with the in game inages   were mine,  the file is a sfar a sI know the original  file created by ADZ.  

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